Harvest Hall

Harvest Hall

Building Details

Address: 1625 Fairgrounds Circle

Harvest Hall is the newest addition to the Seward County Fairgrounds. This 14,300 square foot building is divided into two assembly rooms. The large room is 70′ x 120′ (8400 sq. ft.) and the smaller room is 59′ x 100′ (5900 sq. ft).

The larger assembly room has a vaulted ceiling of 24 ft. and four independently controlled heating and AC units. The walls are covered with earth tone wall paper for the first 12 feet. There are seven rows of overhead lights running east and west, and 12 accent wall lights around the perimeter of the large room. The floor is polished and stained concrete which adds to the overall appearance of the room.

The large assembly room will seat 480 people and still have room for a food and drink service area. The large 20’ x 16’ overhead door gives access to the room for many different uses. There are eight exits to the outside and two sets of double doors adjoining the conference room.

The Kitchen/Bar has a large ice machine, a beverage cooler and a glass-front cooler in the bar area. It has a three sink bank and two roll-up serving windows to each room. The kitchen has two convection ovens and an electric stove with six burners and a standard oven. A counter top cooler is located in the center of the kitchen area with 18 different circuits placed throughout the kitchen area across 65 feet of counter top space making food preparations a breeze.

The small assembly room can seat 100 people and has carpeted floors covering most of the room with tile flooring around the serving windows. Large windows look out to the east of the building towards the pond. There are two exit doors to the outside with two sets of double doors to the large assembly room. Coat racks line the hallway to the restrooms and another exit. The walls are covered with wallpaper and many paintings decorate the walls.

Audio/video throughout the building is state of the art, with four TV’s mounted on the walls in the large assembly room. A large projection screen (16’ x 9’) is mounted on the south end of the large room with a drop down high definition projector and camera. The smaller assembly room also has a drop down screen and projector with a camera mounted in the room as well. The P.A. system can be set for the entire building or for just one assembly room at a time. There is a DVD player with hook ups in each room. There are also hook ups for computers  located in both rooms. Speakers located on the ceiling of the large room give way for good sound control. The speakers in the small assembly room are located throughout the ceiling with volume controls located on the west wall for convenience.

Parking for Harvest Hall is on two sides of the building making for easy access to any of the outside doors you may choose to use for your event.

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Rent Now


Entire Facility:

Sunday – Thursday: $500
Friday – Saturday: $1,200
Additional Days: $150

Conference Room Only:

Monday – Thursday: $350
Friday – Sunday: $400
Additional Days: $150